Monday, January 13, 2014

Day 9: To begin again.

Monday.  Another day, another dollar.  Or so they say.

It is windy as fuck out there.  The house rattled all night, my stained glass wind chimes bouncing about like a spastic dancer.  I had both kids in bed with me for awhile, then just him, then no one.  It was an odd night.

We're off to our Cruiseship club this morning.  Me, he and the little guy.  His overnighter on Saturday yielded him this day off, so I'm going to cash in one of my 'free' guest passes and show him the ropes.  My plan is to do yoga while he and the boy hit the pool: a greatly coveted solo swim time with Daddy.  My back is starting to twinge and I'm not sure if doing anything is good for it or not.  I can't imagine stretching would be bad though, unless I went overboard and tried to compete.  (I do that sometimes, the secret competitor in me wanting to be more that I actually am.

Which brings up.

My 52 of You prompt came this morning. (52OFYOU being the year long photography course I'm taking.) This week they ask that we tie words or mantras into our self-portraits.  Immediately upon reading this my mind starts to spin.  What am I?  Who am I?  I make coffee.  Who am I?  I make lunches in orange and blue boxes. What am I?  There are things I say to myself and my kids all the time, things that remind me to stay in the Now. "Everything will be OK."  "It will all work out." But, what is the ONE that I frequently repeat to mySelf?

I'll let you know when it comes to me.  Perhaps in yoga, perhaps some time else.

Want to play along?
I'm curious.  What is your word or mantra?

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