Friday, January 10, 2014

Day 6: A Restless Night

Last night was a restless night.  I woke up at 12, 2:55, 4:30, to take small people to the potty and check out the window for the northern lights.  I read that Aurora would be passing by, but I did not see her.  One day I will get up North enough to bask in her ghostly glow.

I'm glad it's Friday.  This week of driving to and fro school, of getting people to bed and up early, has been difficult.  This morning I woke up to grumpy.  No rhyme or reason, although perhaps the howling wind last night kept people from a deep sleep.  Our holiday was so peaceful and leisurely and grump free.  Now, back to schedule, it is hard to smooth out these back to work wrinkles.  But, as he reminded me last night, this to shall pass.

Husby's on shift work right now and could afford the time to take her to school this morning.  That is what she really wanted: to have her dad to herself.  With that I get the luxury of an hour to drink coffee, putter and write. Then me and the boy will rush out the door to the first thing of our day, and it will begin.

"the only joy in the world is to begin. it is good to be alive because living is beginning, always, every moment."
                                                                                                                            - cesare pavese

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