Monday, January 6, 2014

Day 2: The first Monday

Back to the Grind.  To school and work and schedule.  Us and the rest of everybody everywhere.

I'm kind of looking forward to routine.  To finding our groove as we move into the newness of our Fitness Starship.  I plan on a Mon, Wed, Fri yoga class, with swimming and hot tub thrown in for good measure.  I sure hope Griff settles into the Kids program, and that it becomes a happy normal.  (As I weighed the decision to join a 'club' I thought of the cost of preschool vs the cost of club and concluded that for a lesser price we could join Cruise ship and I would get something out of it too, plus swimming for us all.  Thus it was a no brainer.)

School has been delayed by an hour. The kids are singing happily downstairs.


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