Saturday, January 11, 2014

Day 7: To Nourish

I'm waiting 'til 8 to go to my favourite market to shop.  Right now is 25% off everything body care and vitamin/supplement related and I've got a hankering to tend to.

One of my biggest challenges right now (aside from the inner critic, which is probably THE biggest challenge) is feeding myself.  I have this nasty habit of waking up, making coffee, dealing with feeding everyone else and rushing out the door, to-go tumbler in hand, without eating breakfast.  By the time I actually get around to eating it's almost supper. So, basically, that's one meal a day.  Not good, I know.  I do make lunch boxes for both my kids, and I do eat my little dude's scraps, but I don't actually make the time to feed myself.

So, with list in hand and research done, I venture to my market to buy 'meal replacement' product.

I've always been rather judgy about this sort of thing.  (Choosing instead the no-food, no-nourishment route, which is SO much better.)  I decided what 'type' of person ingests such things, and how I was not like them.  But, then, I noticed they sold the stuff in my favourite healthfoody store, and if I was there and this store was awesome (with it's superb yoga, gardening, nutritional, zen-like magazines) then what must that mean?  The wheels started to turn.

I asked my sister-in-law, who is an expert of all things fitness and nutrition, and who gets my quest for healthful hotness,what to do.  She gave me answers, I looked deeper. I am now pretty certain that I can fuel myself and not be a 'them'.  (Whoever 'they' are.)  In my quest for better, or as Oprah would say, in my "Aha moment.", I realize that I need help in the food department.  I'm not going to sit down and eat,  I'm just not, but I can whir the blender and add one more take-out to my routine.  Drinking a smoothy in the car will work just fine for me and I need it.  Today is day 7 of my year and I am adding food to my plan.

I spent 1 1/2 blissful hours in 3 aisles, and $112.05 in total.  With the 35% off (25 + 10 for going over $100) and $8 in coupons, I saved $60.05.  Not only did I get supplements and fish oil, I also got totally out of my budget on a normal day lotion, toothpaste and essential oils.  I drink a smoothy as I write.


  1. You are such an inspiration. What about these kind of breakfasts?

  2. Oh how fantastic Oz! I'm gonna give one of them a try tonight. Lucky for me, health foods are more reasonable to buy down here so I've gotten to experiment. I've got chia in my pantry right now.

  3. Chia...woah, moving up to some serious health! :) Put it in the chocolate with I gave you at Christmas. :)