Sunday, January 26, 2014

Day 21: I have a dream.

The rest of them went to the zoo and left me to wash the floor. As I scrubbed, the lovely and nostalgic scent of Murphy's Oil Soap in the air all around, I thought:

When I grow up I want to own a farm...but not any farm, a farm where farmers and artists and entrepreneurs of all sorts can collide together and change the world.  A big huge piece of permacultured land where kids (when I say kids I'm thinking university age) will grow food and work on ideas, where people will come together and learn about ways to live more sustainably right here, in the now.

Why?  I just always have.  That is where my mind wanders when I blank out.  That meditative state of idea generating when one cleans or gardens or does any sort of mindless activity. I don't have a garden here, so I don't garden, but in that 30 minutes of floor cleaning, music blasting, I remembered my dream.  It was just as vivid as the last time I dug my hands into my dirt back home.  A very strong reminder of the essence of me.

This is what I love, this is where I feel ME come alive.  Gardens and gardening, and everything in between.  Learning about soil and plants and animals, even worms and microorganisms.  Anything that has to do with being with the earth, providing from the earth, playing with the earth.  That is me.  Then there is community, and that is me on another level.

I have 3 1/2 years more here, at this post.  Then we will go home for me to live out MY dream. (Thank you husband!)  I have that much time to form a plan to read and learn and network.  I forgot about all of this for a sec; sucked into my day to day, distracted, bored and bothered.

I refocus, remembering the whole point of everything.

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