Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Day 10: Nature's Call.

I thought today, after parent and child class, we might go to the gym for some restorative yoga.  Lo and behold, nature called a different shot, as my poor little Buddy has a case of the runs.  So, instead, I'll use this time to reorganize my studio as he milks the chance to watch some tv.

Right now I pretty much just sit at my desk and screw around on the computer. (That's about 3sq/ft of space used out of a possible 120ish.)  My desk is covered in things 'to get to', my floor a scramble of piles to shred and fabric to shelve.  It really is a total disaster and I don't see much productivity coming out of this mess.

So, tidy I must.

Next I speak I hope to have designed an inspirational Shagri-la.  My dream room to compliment my dream view, and in it I will dream big dreams and play.


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