Sunday, January 5, 2014

Day 1: Ready. Set. Go!

Happy Birthday to me!

I saw someone write 39 yesterday and it seemed so old.  39.  Thirty-nine!

 A year to 40.  THE big one.

I remember when my mom turned 40.  Leading up to it was this big, huge looming beast of a year.  It was ugly and scary, and it was unavoidable.  I don't know why 40, why I remember how awful it was for her. But, I do...and, now, here I am.

I have decided to make my looming year a project.  The best, most growth-filled year of my life.  My mom's friend Renee had a month of parties before she turned 40.  I remember she welcomed it by jumping both feet in.  For me, this is the year that I stop dreaming and start doing.  All the going toos are going to get got.

I start with this blog,  and I have signed up for a 52 week photography course in self-portraiture.  (I'm teetering on 365 days outside of the class, but that's a pretty big commitment.  We'll see.)  Then there's yoga and running. It's been too long a while and my aging body is feeling it.  I've registered and paid for a half-marathon in June.  Paid = Pledged.  And I joined one of those gigantic fitness cruise ships with a great kids' program and a wood paneled women's change room with white towels, a steam room and all the latest magazines.  I took my first yoga class there the other day, reminiscing about the last time I practiced yoga whilst living in a broken tent and sleeping on my mat.  Such contrast in lifestyle between then and now.  The difference between my 25 and 39 Self.

Thus begins my year.  A chance to start anew.

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  1. Six month countdown for me. I like the idea of "doing it". Look forward to reading about your exploits.