Saturday, January 25, 2014

Day 20: From scared to happy.

Today's big rush was getting our foster dog adopted to a great family just 2 blocks from the dog park I took her to all week.  Many tears were shed and I wondered if I am cut out for this.  Welcoming in and letting go.  I reminded my girl (and myself) that we helped to save a life, that we took her from scared and hiding to a happy happy dog.  It was the best before and after that I have ever experienced, and it was all because we loved.

The power of love is so life changing.  I saw that this week.  I felt my heart open and grow, and as she bloomed, so did I.

We are taking a 3 week break from fostering, just until after Grandma is gone (and our hearts are healed).  Then, I think we'll probably do it again.  And again.

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