Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Day 17: Week 3

I think I might have gone out with too big of a bang.  I find that the so many things I had envisioned, and the execution of the envisionment, are slowly subsiding into my reality.  The meal replacement, the blogging every day, the 365 days of self-portraits, might just be more than I am willing to handle.  I am doing pretty good with the gym (having not gone to a gym before nor having any sort of fitness routine) and my 52ofYou, in my third week now, is holding.  I am mindful of eating, although, I have come to acknowledge, meal replacement powder might not be the thing for me.  Food.  Real honest to goodness food.  Now, that's where it's at!

This week's photo prompt is shadow.  I took this one today.  It makes me happy.

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