Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Day 4 : Assessing and Advising

I have a 'fitness advising' session on the Cruiseship this morning.  The 2nd part of a 2 part series in me assessing.  The first part didn't go over so well, with '3 times Miss. Olympia' telling me, with the help of a computer generated Me reader, that I was basically a 100lb weakling. I didn't even get the coveted before and 'projected' after picture because the program was not designed to add weight, just to take it off. I came home in tears, feeling deflated (literally) and insecure.  My husband looked over my paper print-out and advised to burn it.  So, we did.

This morning Miss Olympia will show me how to use the weights.  I'll take it.  It's free.  I'll listen to her story, to her accomplishments, to what gets results, I'll ask questions and garner from her 27 years of experience, but I will not let her get to me. I am me, skinny jeans and all, and bodybuilding is not on my agenda.

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  1. Awww. Mom. I know that picture, I love it.