Tuesday, August 19, 2014


I took this at my friend Sarah's wedding this summer.  It's of my good friend Lara and her wee one.  She posted it to Facebook and received so many compliments on it, and, after studying and studying this shot, I get that.  The composition is good, the subjects are good, the location is awesome, but then I, the photographer, start to look at how it could be better.  

I'm trying to decide if that's good or not.

Lara wrote me to tell me how appreciative she is to have this memory.  To have a picture of her and her son, at this point in her, his and their, lives.  And I'm so glad.

I know this is a good picture for that.  And I know I will get better technically.  Perhaps instead of looking at this photo as an either/or, I will feel proud that I provided this proof and learn from it.

Thanks Lara for being my muse.

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