Friday, June 6, 2014

Rescue shots at the Humane Society.

This was this week.  
I worked straight to get these 6 shots, so many barking, eager dogs hoping for their own turn.  Counting the numbers on the kennels-135, 147, 170-walking past so many more.  I know not to poke my fingers in, to scratch a nose or console.  There are just too many and time is of the essence.  I remind them and me that this picture will get them out. That this is their shot at freedom.  I take them out, for ten or fifteen, they get some air, then I take them back in.  Some go willingly, like these first two, and some drop their butts to the ground and resist.  I pull and push, I tell them it's OK.  Then I get smart and give them a moment to think.  That worked pretty good.  To go in in their own time.  Everything in its own time.

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