Thursday, May 15, 2014

Just a couple of days.

I don't even know where the day went...or the days.

A visit from mom and all the running around stuff one does when they have visitors from out of town.  Showing and seeing sights, making meals, staying sane.  She did my laundry the whole time and we talked. It was an easy visit.

Yesterday I had a de-kenneling class at the Humane Society.  Walking past eager dogs, hoping for their turn...walking past wanting to touch but knowing not to.  They could have all come home with me, all the good dogs.  I say I wish I had 500 acres, but then I'd be a hoarder and they'd take them all away.

Today was Culinary Arts. We made salmon patties and cabbage salad in a corn tortilla.  It was really good.  I think every school should teach how to cook.  Teach how to garden too.

Tomorrow me get 2 kittens.  Just to foster.  Just for awhile.

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