Sunday, April 13, 2014

Stop and Start

I'm trying to GET this.  Occupied, these days, with understanding light, depth of field, composition and all the little bottoney doodads that make up my digital camera. It used to be easy with my old Pentax 35mm: light meter, focus, shoot.  There were no millions of buttons, no LCD screen, no WTF; just a girl and a camera.  But, above and beyond TRYING to get this, I WANT to get this.

I've been obsessively scouring flickr, reading tips and tricks of all the most successful dog photographers.  Devouring words and images, calculating shots.

On occasion, the critic in me guffaws at my determined interest .  "You won't get this!" "You will never be this."  I study with admiration...I start to agree. "Stick with what you know."  "Stay still."

Two months ago I decided to get a better camera.  A 'real' camera.  I have browsed sites and stopped to touch numerous times at Costco. "Should I?"  I hesitate, overthink, underestimate myself.  It has taken that long.

I should.

This is my process.

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